We create and produce proprietary sporting events which are designed exclusively for organizations and their stakeholders.

Corporate Games is a unique and extraordinary event, with 31 years of history, that has been present in 5 continents, 37 countries, 85 cities and with more than 70 sports modalities. There are more than 29,000 organizations and over 1 million participants.

The games are open to all types of companies and are divided by individual sports, collective and by age groups. The goal is to foster entrepreneurship, corporate culture and employee integration, as well as provide participants with the opportunity to practice sports, promote health, quality of life, well-being and reduce physical inactivity.

Great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Princess Anne, François Mitterrand and many others were patrons of the Corporate Games.

Corporativo Sports is the licensed agency that holds the rights to the Games in Brazil.

Bicicletour is a bike festival that will promote and stimulate the cycling movement in a fun and innovative way, in a day full of activities and attractions that in an inviting way will inspire people to bike, have fun and learn.

The event is a great option for leisure and entertainment for the whole family and encourages sports practice by means of biking, aiming to promote a change of habit in the collective daily life, spreading health, quality of life and alternative urban mobility.

The Bicicletour was conceived by Corporativo Sports and aims to be a national benchmark, standing out as the main event that involves the cycling movement in Brazil. And will go through several capitals and cities throughout the country starting in Brasilia.

Family Sports is an entertaining sporting festival for the whole family and friends created to encourage physical activity on a weekend full of sports and recreational activities for people of all ages to move and experience a new lifestyle that is healthy, fun and happy. The event was created by Corporativo Sports and will travel through several cities and capitals in Brazil and its main goals are:

• Create unique and unforgettable experiences for the whole family;
• Practice sports and recreational activities and move the body;
• Have fun, exercising body and mind among family and friends;
• Promote health, quality of life and well-being for people;
• Share a healthier lifestyle;
• Strengthen and improve family bonds through sports;
• Experience sports and play activities that have never been experienced before;
• Relax, bring people together and make new friends;